Kondracki Advisory


We help individual investors and families grow their wealth by managing investment portfolios for them that are exclusively comprised of industry-leading, time-tested companies that help make the world a better place. These companies concern themselves with how the money is made and the effect their actions have on investors and non-investors alike. 

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How We Invest

MoneyMorality is the foundation of our firm, our investment approach, and our client relationships. It is a disciplined, low-cost, and moral approach to investing where performance results can be outstanding.

Our Investment Portfolios

Many investors have a strong desire to grow their wealth while also reducing risk. Some investors also care how the money is made. Through our rigorous financial and moral screening process, we have been able to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through portfolios exclusively comprised of companies that provide significant and quantifiable benefits to society. 

How to Invest with Us

We invest for and alongside our clients for value, prudent growth, and peace of mind. Our personal financial interests and investment holdings are aligned with those of our clients. Our investment objectives, process, and low fee structure exist for one reason: We believe it is the best way for our clients to have the opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

Investing with our firm is accomplished through our management of a client’s individual investment accounts established for them at the custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. We are investment managers and advisers for our clients. We do not hold or maintain custody of any client assets.

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Who We Are

We are an experienced team of Portfolio Managers and financial analysts who have a deep understanding of stock and investment selection and risk. Our focus is on finding growth and price appreciation opportunities for our portfolios while always looking to protect against the downside.

Our investment approach has significantly benefited our clients from a total return perspective and provides the reduced risk and reduced volatility that they also seek.

Our composite total return has averaged a positive 10.29%1 per year, after fees, since the inception of our firm in 2012. Our excellent total returns have been achieved with nearly half of the volatility of the stock market and with reduced risk to principal. We have generated superior risk-adjusted returns3 over every measured time frame since the inception of our firm.

1 Composite Total Return through 6/30/24

1 The Composite is comprised of 100% of the investment accounts managed by Kondracki Advisory, LLC meeting the minimum initial investment requirement and invested in our Value and Prudent Growth Model Portfolio Strategy over the measured timeframe. 2 Volatility is measured by Composite Portfolio Beta. 3 Risk-adjusted returns measured by Composite Portfolio Alpha over 3 years, 5 years, and since inception. The performance calculations have not been audited by any third party. Actual performance of client portfolios may differ materially due to the timing related to additional client deposits or withdrawals and the actual deployment and investment of a client portfolio, the length of time various positions are held, the client’s objective and restrictions, and fees and expenses incurred by any specific individual portfolio. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS.